How to Replace Side Covers on the CBR-101

Posted on July 12 2016

While replacing a damaged left side cover or right side cover is essentially a snap-off and snap-on process, there are some intricacies to it. We thought the following instructions would be helpful if you are making this repair:

  1. Remove the 2 small screws that hold down the base panel.
  2. Slip a small screwdriver or knife point between the base panel and the top cabinet toward the front (there are 2 relief areas where you can insert a pointed tool), and pop the base panel off. 
  3. Use the pointed tool to pry gently under each end of the right and left side covers and pop them out.
  4. Lay the new side cover in the top cabinet and push toward the damper (left or right) until the side cover seats in the little slot at the end of the top cabinet. 
  5. Place the base panel back in so that it drops in between the side covers. Seat the front and push down on the rear of the base panel until it snaps in. (You may have to push the side covers toward the dampers to get the base cover to seat properly.)
  6. Screw the base panel down.

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