Gene Cafe CBR-101 Error Codes

Summary of Gene Cafe CBR-101 Error Codes and Troubleshooting.

E1 Error: Temperature Sensor 1 Error.  Most Commonly caused by low ambient temperature readings.  We see this commonly during the winter months in the Mid-West and Northeast. The roaster will not operate in temps less than 50F.  

E3 Error: Irregular Rotation, Reed Sensor Failure.  This could be caused by the Reed sensor being out of position, or the part itself failing.  Check to see that the sensor has not been moved out of position, if the E3 error persists, replace the part.

E4 Error: Heater Disconnection, or Temperature Sensor 2 Error.  This could be cause by several different scenarios, possibly the heating element has failed, and needs to be replaced.  For a complete diagnostic, please refer to our E4 Error Code instructional article.


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