CBR-101 Roasting Guide

Gene Cafe CBR-101 Basic Roasting Tips

The below chart provides suggested roast times and temperatures for a variety of roasting levels. It is important to point out that ambient air temperature, humidity, and other environmental conditions can impact your roasting results. Different types of coffee beans also roast differently, and as such times and temperatures will need to be adjusted accordingly. Please use this chart as a guide only. 

Roasting Level  Time (Min) Temperature (degrees F)
Light 12 446
Cinnamon 13 455
Medium 14 464
High 15 473
City 17 482
Full City 19 482
French 21 482
Italian 23 482

Home Roasting Forums

Online home roasting forums are wonderful resources for sharing roast profiles and learning from each other about best practices for roasting with different beans and in different environments. Some of our favorites are...

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